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Paychex Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling Paychex

I am calling Paychex customer support to troubleshoot an issue applying for health benefits with my new healthcare provider. I will be providing the employee’s information including the employee’s name, social security number, and dates of employment.

- Isabelle Ellen

Select Paychex to call the phone number on the website. I am trying to access my Payroll, W2 or pay stub account online. I need to update my account settings, customize my paycheck frequency, create a direct deposit or sign up for Tax Intercept.

- Koralle Peggi

the person I’m calling and was transferred multiple times before being told that a manager will call me back. This has happened roughly 20 times already. I am going to speak with my lawyer about the poor experience I have had with Paychex So far the products is having issues. The lack of help is so frustrating!

- Renate Dre

I just received a phone call from a customer named Amanda. She was calling about her account. I noticed that she mentioned that she is a realtor and was referring to how she decided to go with Paychex. So far so good. But then, I asked her what some of the advantages were to working with Paychex and this is what she said: 1) She loves the convenience of doing everything online 2) The ability for her clients to view their paychecks online is awesome 3) She has always been able to reach someone when she has needed to 4) She has used Paychex for over six

- Merrielle Chris

Savvy small business owners have discovered that outsourcing payroll can save time, money and the headaches of managing complex payroll systems. Paychex has remained one of the most trusted payroll services for over 40 years because we stay ahead of the trends. Our local support staff in Le Mars, IA is available to service your needs personally when you need them. From a simple phone inquiry to a face-to-face meeting with an expert, our customer support team members are here to help you make sense of your numbers and find solutions when needed.

- Kass Eveleen

Paychex is the leader in providing integrated human resource and payroll services available to more clients than any other vendor. Paychex is ranked by one independent source as having the most satisfied HRM customers in their survey of top providers.

- Sandie Kaitlynn

Looking to reach Paychex support? This is the number for the corporate headquarters. Once you press ‘0’, you can speak with an operator and ask them to connect you to the department that you want.

- Saundra Sibylla

It's easy to reach Paychex support when you need changes, want to add employees, or just have general questions. On this page we've included a link that lets you call or chat with a representative, as well as contact information for our global offices.

- Dorthea Gennifer

If you’re looking for Paychex support, we are here to answer your calls 24/7, as well as provide contact information for scheduling an appointment with a local Paychex advisor. In addition to our local advisors ready to help nationwide, we also have several self-service resources that can assist you in completing common Paychex tasks. The best way to reach Paychex Support is via the phone number listed on your member letter.

- Isabelle Bobette

Give customers a convenient way to contact you with every call, email or live chat. integrated in the widget upon which you can easily access our live chat feature via

- Kalinda Ofella

For Paychex support contact 1-800—595-3793 or visit for more information. About Paychex: Since 1971, Paychex Inc., has served as the leading provider of payroll and human resource services. The company offers a full spectrum of program offerings including payroll, employee benefits, and HR support, among other services.

- Hyacinthe Laural

If you have questions about a Paychex solution, please contact our 24/7

- Bobinette Raf

Skip the wait and talk one-on-one with a customer service agent from Paychex. Give us a call or chat online - from any device. Press 1 to be directly connected with an agent.

- Otha Priscella