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Knights of Columbus Customer Service Phone Number

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Knights of Columbus Customer Service
Skip waiting on hold and get help from a real person for the following issues.
Reasons other customers are calling Knights of Columbus

I am calling Knights of Columbus customer support to request a new insignia for one of the k of c rings we sent back in December.

- Carolan Rora

I am calling Knights of Columbus customer support to verify the shipping status of my purchase. My order number is 4688318. I placed the order on Tuesday, December 14th and it has not yet shipped out.''

- Clo Evangelin

(226–761–5719). This dispute involves the $122.00 fee deducted from my Visa credit card, which I believe to be a violation of U.S. Federal Law. Upon calling the customer service number indicated on the back of my credit card, a representative informed me that there is a $50 processing fee for setting up an account with Knights of Columbus and a monthly $2 processing fee for checking the account balance by telephone or online. Therefore, in order to start using your credit card, I am effectively required to pay $52.00 more than your published fees (which does not include the

- Drusilla Malvina

Call USA toll-free 888-992-4424 to touch base with the caring and knowledgeable people of the Knights of Columbus ______ department. Customer support is available weekdays from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

- Oralia Theresa

I am calling the Knights of Columbus to discuss my recent experience in Denver, CO. The representative I spoke with did not have a helpful answer to my question and I was treated very unprofessionally based on the circumstance I was in.

- Teri Monah

Because of the Knights of Columbus is such a big organization it takes a long time to get in touch with an agent on the phone. This app allows you to call them by entering your 6 digit member number. As well as view your insurance policies that you can activate or deactivate. This app has many other benefits such as alerts when your policy is up for renewal, and a list of field representatives that are located around the world

- Cary Diann

I want to reach Knights of Columbus support to report a missing person.

- Nadia Enrica

Setting up a new Knights of Columbus council? Call (800) 542-8821 to talk to one of our support team!

- Bette-ann Casi

The Knights of Columbus Chartered Support Organizations (CSOs) enables Knights, families and friends to make charitable contributions directly to any one of the more than 13,000 Chartered KC units in the United States and Canada. This program represents an important vehicle for members of the Order to receive recognition from local CSOs for their generosity on behalf of their units or on behalf of KC charities. The objective of this program is to extend God’s compassion in a way that is lifedeliberate for all members of the Order.

- Ladonna Hattie

Whether you want to be at the head table in the upper echelons of society, or cheer from the sidelines and support your loved ones, there are many reasons to join the Knights of Columbus. We help our members succeed by providing excellent life insurance, award-winning investment options and personal and family enrichment programs that last a lifetime.

- Dareen Aubrette

As a veteran Knights of Columbus member, you're already eligible to choose a unique, one-of-a-kind insurance benefit from K Of C Insurance through affinity group program.

- Ulrike Nari

There are many ways to give back, and the Knights of Columbus is here to help you find the way that best fits you. Whether it's hosting a fundraising website, collecting supplies for the troops, or volunteering at a local soup kitchen in your community, there's a way for everyone to contribute. Contact the Knights of Columbus today!

- Tessie Valerie

Whether you are buying a gift or purchasing for yourself, we have the perfect fit. The medallion pin securely fastens to 1" fabric straps. A great way to wear your faith on your chest! A portion of all proceeds from the sale of this item goes directly to the KC Support Foundation.

- Dorise Phaedra

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