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Bed Bath and Beyond Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling Bed Bath and Beyond

Open your door to the world of customer support with the Bed Bath & Beyond Customer Service Representative... I am calling Bed Bath and Beyond customer support to report a problem.

- Gene Alameda

I am calling Bed Bath and Beyond customer support because I bought a coffee press at a recently at the store and it did not work.

- Kali Layne

I am calling Bed Bath and Beyond to address my concerns with a knife set I purchased at the store today. I noticed

- Luci Arlinda

When you call customer support, you can be sure to speak with a real human being. Our friendly customer service representatives are ready to help you with product questions, order status, and anything else you might need in your Bed Bath and Beyond experience. You won t find barriers to our service; we have none.

- Kissiah Lucina

Here is a customer support number for Bed Bath and Beyond.7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

- Sarina Cristy

I want to reach Bed Bath and Beyond support to speak to them regarding a replacement bed frame and mattress. The frame that I bought from you guys is the most uncomfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on. Customer Relations Phone: 1-800-462-3966 Visit the customer service page for more details.

- Meridith Henrietta

I am looking for a phone number to reach the Bed Bath and Beyond customer support for a question about my order.

- Brandy Sean

How can I reach the support team at Bed Bath & Beyond?

- Shanie Lulu

I want to reach support and find out how I can return this product. I bought it a few days ago, in time for the party that I'm throwing tomorrow. The problem is that the rice cooker doesn't work, as you can see by my attached pictures. I've tried cooking different kinds of rice, but they all come out completely undercooked. It's very disappointing, considering that my family and I were looking forward to eating home cooked Japanese rice at our get together.

- Elana Tabbie

Stay in touch with Bed Bath & Beyond’s Support Center for all of your product and order–related needs.

- Corenda Rayna

I have an account with your company and would like to have Customer Service call me.

- Sherline Rozele

Bed Bath & Beyond offers top quality brands and exclusive brands that you truly cannot find anywhere else. From home goods and furniture to cookware, bedding, and more, you’ll always love your purchases even more because you know they’re better than what anyone else has.

- Abagael Ethelyn