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DISH Network Customer Service Phone Number

Don’t wait on hold, have DISH Network Customer Service call you back with an agent on the line.


DISH Network Customer Service
Skip waiting on hold and get help from a real person for the following issues.
Reasons other customers are calling DISH Network

I am calling DISH Network customer support to modify my account to get MORE for LESS. I was with DISH for over a decade and recently tried a cheaper package with DIRECTV satellite. All it did was disappoint. When I called them back, they tried to force me to take more channels by increasing the price. I told them no way. I need MORE for LESS or I'm going back to DISH when my contract is up.

- Eugenie Lucille

I am calling DISH Network customer support to inquire about disconnecting service.

- Stephanie Britney

Hey, I am calling DISH Network customer support to help

- Deeyn Barry

I am calling DISH Network customer service to get help with my account. I need assistance with my billing, package upgrades, or to resolve a possible network outage. I can reassure the customer that our representatives are specially trained and empowered to address every type of issue that our customers might have with their DISH Network experience.

- Lucia Lee

I'm calling DISH Network customer support at 1-800-823-4928. My TV is not working and I need to set up a service call.

- Ibby Bernete

FLASH! Calling DISH Network customer support can now be as easy as pushing one button on the new Hopper2. We have packed plenty of other cool features such as Improved HD,

- Violetta Serene

DISH Network Satellite TV gives you more than 600 channels of must-watch entertainment, with big networks and premium movie channels. With the Genie HD DVR, catch up on shows you missed in the past two weeks. Plus, web access lets you watch live or recorded programs from your laptop anytime, anywhere. DISH Network is the ultimate solution to your TV needs.

- Chickie Loree

I want to reach DISH Network support to place an order...

- Tammie Maddalena

Reach DISH Network support today by dialing 1 (800) 823-4929. DISH Network offers a variety of packages and plans, including HDTV, DVR, Internet, phone, international calling and much more. Avoid the long wait for customer service by placing your call directly to the DISH Network support team today !

- Inga Engracia

DISH Network provides free remote access support for its customers regardless of equipment or service level.” The following suggestions provide the DISH customer with an alternative way to reach support.

- Eddi Daron

You have reached DISH Network customer support. Press one and a representative will assist you.

- Sarita Christabel

Not in the mood to play phone tag with DISH Network customer service? Now you can use My DVR+ to instantly place a call to a DISH Network agent, 24/7, 365 days a year! Just press the Call DISH button on your PIN-based My DVR+ remote and you’ll get right through to an agent.

- Sherie Adelle

You should have access to DISH Network support anytime of day or night. We’re ready to answer a call when you are with our support 24/7/365 live phone and online chat services. If you prefer to contact us by email, our staff monitors our inbox every day, so your message will always be answered promptly.

- Leontine Tracy

If you are having trouble with your DISH satellite system, contact DISH network support right away. A satellite technician will be able to run diagnostics on your dish and help correct any issues you may be experiencing. Satellite television can be unreliable at times requiring expert support to help make your service work properly. With DISH Network support around the clock you can always have a professional available to help you get your system under control. The ability to get reliable picture and sound for your television is critical in household entertainment systems.

- Celestyna Noami