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Western Union Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling Western Union

I am calling Western Union customer support to raise a complaint about a delayed transaction..

- Alina Adriana

I am calling Western Union customer support to find out why the name on my reservation for $6,000 is not spelt the same as it was on the Western Union transaction that I sent $600 to.

- Jamima Bobbi

I am calling Western Union customer support to open a business account. I need to contact the customer service department and inquire about the best way to go about opening a business account. Once I get an answer regarding the account creation process, I may speak with a representative directly or fill out some papers online.

- Sharity Kandace

I Am Calling Western Union Customer Service to Pay Someone and it is NOT a SCAM. Im calling western union to pay my buddy for helping me. I am on skype with him so I can show you the money transferring. I know what I’m doing do not worry, trust me I know. If you are worried that its a scam then call western union before you DONATE AND MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE

- Donnie Elisa

I am calling Western Union customer support.

- Cherilynn Euphemia

I am calling to check if my Western Union international money transfer for $1500 from Bank of America, London (England), The Strand London, GB (United Kingdom) to Golden Grand Casino, Carson City, NV, 89703 has been received. My Reference Number is 192721598. I do not have access to a home computer and cannot log on to my money transfer account to check the status of this transaction because Bank of America tells me I am not allowed to log on until it is completed. This transaction was completed yesterday, Sunday May 29th at 2:06 pm Pacific Standard Time. The person who sent the

- Ashlee Ivette

I do not have this account. I had that many years ago in Florida that I knew of and I want someone to call me back immediately because I am calling about Western Union money transfer issues.

- Madelene Ami

If you wish to reach Western Union customer support, please call 1-800-325-6000. We’re here 24/7.

- Sharla Georgine

Reach Western Union® support easily and quickly online. Our representatives are available round the clock for Western Union transaction-related questions or other inquiries. You can also contact us by phone (24/7 in most countries) or email to get answers to your customer service questions. Visit our Contact page for m ore information on the services and support we provide.

- Annecorinne Maudie

The Western Union support phone number is listed here. You can reach it by calling this number which wait to connect your call as soon as possible.

- Jo-anne Sondra

To reach Western Union's support department: 1. Dial the toll-free Western Union® customer service number. The internal phone number of financial counsellors in your area is listed in the local phone book under "Western Union". Contact your local Western Union office for this information. 2. Discuss your issue with the operating representative who answers your call. 3. If a refund or adjustment is needed, provide all of the relevant information.

- Darda Abra

Western Union, the world's largest money transfer company, is now easier to contact with our new Reaching Western Union tool. This tool has been created to help you find the phone number you need to reach customer service, or speak with a live representative. By simply entering your country, state and city and then the type of inquiry you want to make – like 'Send Money' or 'Contact Western Union' – you'll be connected with the correct representative immediately. Our friendly customer service representatives are available 24/7

- Otha Amye

Make money requests and get them executed quickly. Pay your Western Union agent quickly. With the Western Union app you can make fast, easy and secure money transfers for friends and family around the world. With the Western Union App you can also: - Execute your money request immediately after creating it - Get notified when your money request has been executed by an agent nearby - Make money requests using iCASH wallet to collect cash at over 4,000 agent locations in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Nigeria - View upcoming events in West Africa from MoneyGram or Western Union agents that you are interested in visiting.

- Nola Rosemaria

You need to talk to Western Union to complete your transaction or request. To start a new business, you need to go through a verification process for Western Union that requires the following information:

- Paloma Caterina

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