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"Do your best on your terms" is a core value of Medical Mutual of Ohio. This messaging is meant to stand alone in order to focus our internal efforts on the phrase and truly/completely own it as an organization. The sentence itself takes into account just about everything we do for our members. It's simple and easy to remember. It says our customers are important and we need to do right by them, while getting real about what's going on in healthcare today and what it means for us and our customers. Finally, the sentence gives people permission to ask for help when they need it. Because with us, you

- Glynda Laura

Okay, so we won't be calling you any time soon. What we will do is update your existing plan or add a new one to our database and retain all of the important information from your plan, whether it's a PPO-800, Dental-600 or Vision-200. In other words, we'll know what you like. We'll also keep track of your claim history and prescription history, making updating easy for both you and Medical Mutual of Ohio when there's a change in your personal information.

- Magdaia Annalise

Medical Mutual of Ohio is a member-owned insurance company. We provide individual and group health, dental, life, long term care, disability and Medicare solutions serving members through retail businesses in Ohio and Kentucky, and their families. Every day, we prove to our customers that we can do good for them while doing right by them financially. Our core support values are centered on people – standing up for our members and colleagues.

- Raven Livvyy

Get support for a policy in Medical Mutual of Ohio including general and marketing-related questions, report a service outage, set up your renewal reminder “Notify Me” e-mail letter, identify a term of ownership from policies purchased prior to July 1, 2008.

- Sophronia Gabriela

My Account is a fast, easy and secure way to manage your Health Care needs. With My Account, you can access your Medical Mutual Benefits Information and claim status online. Enrollment is secure and free for you. Medical Mutual customers can use My Account at this website or via the Mobile App available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

- Alys Elinor

Let’s face it: medical claims are stressful. And if the stress gets to be too much, we really start to think it’s a bad idea for you to spend some time with family and friends. I’ll admit it. We have no better way of getting rid of the stress than by making sure you have all the information you need about your benefits.

- Arabelle Wini

Our Group Benefits department is here to help you with your questions about your coverage. They can tell you what's covered under your policy, how much you have paid in benefits and when you'll need to pay your remaining deductible. They are also here to help you file a claim, request an exception or ask about a service area. (888) 496-7766

- Tabbie Beret

I am calling MetLife customer support to see whether my auto insurance rates go up at renewal. I am concerned. I __________________________________________________

- Rachele Junina

My family and I have been customers for years. This time, I am calling MetLife customer support to get information regarding my life insurance coverage. I need to know how much my policy is worth and how much cash value I have available. Last year, we lost my _________ in a plane crash. We were glad to have the money to cover funeral expenses, but now that we've used it...I just want to know where we stand in terms of coverage.

- Lacy Fayette

Transcript for MetLife contact number and Contact info (800) 643-1504—Customer Support Number—MetLife

- Lauryn Morissa

If you are calling to speak to a customer service representative about a claim or policy, please enter your Zip Code and Phone Number below. MetLife will ask you for some personal information and questions so that we may assist you with your inquiry. Once we collect the necessary information, a representative will be with you shortly. You will then be connected to a MetLife agent who can help inform, educate, and resolve any questions or concerns you may have regarding our products."'

- Maud Mil

Answering a call from your MetLife customer service representative is part of your day. Recruiters are ready to answer the phone when you aren’t. To provide industry leading customer support we do remote work with customers across the globe, using video collaboration software. Talk to a recruiter today and see how we can help make your day better.

- Ardisj Oralia

First, please insert your complaints and/or claims number, if you have one. Welcome to MetLife. If you’re calling to make a claim or ask questions about the status of a claim, please enter your phone number.

- Almeda Clementine

I want to reach MetLife support to request information about the English language version of this page.

- Chelsie Bethina

I need to reach MetLife, and I want to talk with an associate who understands my situation. To speak with a human, press 1 now.

- Sorcha Renie

To reach MetLife customer service, please call 866-399-6335. Office hours are Monday through Friday 6:30 am to 6:00 pm ET, and Saturday and Sunday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm ET.

- Kitti Susana

Did you know that MetLife is committed to providing a tailored, responsive, and customer-friendly service that helps you meet your needs? Follow these steps to reach the correct person, now or in the future.

- Halette Pen

If you’re an existing customer with MetLife, here are some of the benefits you’ll get when you move to 24/7 access to experts that keep your business running smoothly; A personalized portal with your own login and password; Plus, lots more. Just fill out this form, or call 1-888-548-1832 ext. 505368.

- Willetta Nonah

You want to reach our Employee Benefits

- Vivienne Willi

Access the portal called Get My Perks when you are a MetLife member to access your EPF (employee purchase fund) catalog, view your orders and review order history.

- Rafaela Alli