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Reasons other customers are calling Ally Financial

You can reach Allstate customer support by phone, live chat, email, or via our free mobile app.

- Dorri Libby

You might get phone support before you get a human if you follow these steps. 1. Go to the Allstate website 2. Enter your zip code 3. Search for a local agent 4. Call them

- Chrissie Phylys

Dialing to the Allstate number, you will be quickly connected with one of our agents. The phone app also includes a built-in voice keypad that allows you to speak into the app and have your message sent directly to your Allstate claims agent. It also provides one-touch access to a live help chat with an agent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And if you need to visit an agent, just enter your city or zip code in the Allstate Claims App to find the nearest location.

- Elysee Loraine

On your mobile phone, search for *My Allstate using the search field that is at the top of this page. When prompted to direct you to different pages on our site, click on support › then click on agent support.

- Karlyn Isis

Get live tech support the way you want it. Call or chat for help we’re ready to help, anytime. With the new Allstate Mobile app, you can now access support directly within the app. We’re updating our support channel options to best fit your needs and better serve you. Call or chat us 24/7 for help with insurance policy questions, billing issues, and claims submissions. Then follow up with your agent when you’re ready to get a new quote or move forward with a claim

- Rici Yoko

Call Allstate and get into contact with a helpful representative immediately.

- Anjanette Brandi

Opening your door to customer support is easy with the Allstate Mobile app. Take a picture of the issue, let us know where it happened, and we’ll be there to help you. Get help right when you need it at no additional cost.

- Vickie Neille

I am calling Ally Financial customer support to .

- Viviyan Adriena

I am calling Ally Financial customer support to address a problem with the service I have been receiving.�

- Kendre Gayel

I am calling Ally Financial customer support because I want to pay off the balance on my credit card. I owe $1505.64 but I have only about $300 in the bank. That's why I called to ask if I could set up a payment plan. A representative said they would send me a letter by email with information on how to pay off my credit card. The email from Ally Financial is below:

- Ethelyn Cherish

Call Ally Financial customer support department to resolve a claim dispute.

- Margarita Leia

The I am calling Ally call center is an over-the-phone support system that allows anyone to reach Ally’s customer service care team by dialing 611. The automated voice technology can be easily invoked by pressing “611” on the phone and selecting from options presented. Below are some excerpts of this developer’s features, states, and benefits statements:

- Agathe Carine

Sample phone call script / scenario: Hello, my name is (First name). I am calling today to speak to a customer service representative about a recent car loan that I had financed through Ally Financial. Hi, (First Name), how can I help you today? We purchased a used car last year and, within 6 months, it broke down and cost us considerably more than we thought it would. Here is the breakdown of what happened: My wife and daughter were on their way to work when the transmission starting grinding. I had no time in the morning to take it into the shop for repairs. They had to pull over

- Jody Yevette

I'm a corporate attorney and frequently download case law and statutes, and I consistently receive the best service- whether it is by phone or through the chat feature. I've tried many banks in the past, and I find that Ally provides me with great interest rates and customer service that I can trust. I also use their credit card, which has lower interest than all of my other cards. Overall, I have been very pleased with my experience with Ally, and would recommend them to anyone who needs a reliable bank without all of the fine print.

- Koral Ursula

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  2. After going through the company's phone menu system you can hang up and go on with your day.
  3. We keep the line open on our end waiting for a customer service rep to answer. We'll then call you back.