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Reasons other customers are calling Berkshire Hathaway

I am calling Berkshire Hathaway customer support to inquire about a life insurance

- Maryann Doti

I am calling Berkshire Hathaway customer support to talk about homeowners insurance because it makes sense to invest in the right protection. My service representative, Maureen, has given me a 5% discount today by investing in my home equity.”

- Devon Norine

I am calling Berkshire Hathaway customer support to update my address because I want to ensure that the quarterly newsletter I will be receiving can really kick! This is important information for me!

- Kary Valerie

I am calling Berkshire Hathaway customer support to ask how good their service is.

- Audrye Arliene

I am calling Berkshire Hathaway customer support to make sure my BH Preferred card is working properly. One reason I love the card is that it provides me with 24/7 mobile app access to my account – no waiting for a bank representative to show up in the middle of tax season! And, these days there are so many reasons...

- Hyacintha Teriann

Call and speak to Berkshire Hathaway customer support. We can answer your questions and help with any issues. Plus we re open seven days a week 24 hours. Our reps enjoy helping customers and service is our goal. It's the way we do business at Berkshire Hathaway.

- Grissel Carline

Call us anytime from anywhere using our Berkshire Hathaway 24/7 service. Here you must try to convince your potential customer that Berkshire Hathaway is a one of a kind company. You must discuss their services and also make them feel happy about the quality of your service :).

- Gusella Arden

I want to reach Berkshire Hathaway support to find out how much this jacket really cost. Not only is the North Face Summit Downtown Parka waterproof, but it's also warm and highly breathable, allowing for optimal comfort on cold fall days.

- Alfi Thelma

I want to reach Berkshire Hathaway support to be able to verify the authenticity of this all-natural face cleanser that claims to help reduce acne and bestow a flawless, glowing complexion. The company was started by an entrepreneurial beauty product manufacturer and the product is obviously a must-have for any person looking to protect their skin and improve its overall appearance.

- Dina Querida

I want to reach Berkshire Hathaway support to check about a recent trading experience.

- Jorey Marline

All this means the support you need from us is easy to find. In fact, there’s no number you have to remember: just go to or call 800-872-3200

- Adaline Milly

Contacting us is as easy as calling 1-800-543-2448 or visiting We encourage you to contact us and learn more about the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices family of companies.

- Lurleen Honoria

The Berkshire Hathaway Bridge Card helps you stay on track with your financial goals by keeping you organized and motivated to spend wisely. Part of the Best Buy banking program, this card comes with the benefits of a traditional checkbook and an overall responsibility for managing your finances; at Best Buy, we're here to help.

- Elvira Kissee