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I am calling Power Corporation of Canada customer support to inform them about the problems I have dealt with and my wish to not renew my account. One of the benefits of the new contract is that it will give me a free no-fee Power Cash credit card for life but my last two cards had an annual fee after just four years. And when I request a third card, they signed me up for overdraft protection which is error online as well because I did not opt in for that service. My statements are inaccurate and I was charged late fees. This demonstrates a serious lack of concern for my business and as a result,

- Valida Nessie

I am calling Power Corporation of Canada customer support to address an issue with my account. I understand that the best way to handle this is via telephone, because as a customer I am able to easily share details of my ownership of Power Corporation shares, and am provided access to same-day assistance.

- Lanita Marys

I am calling Power Corporation of Canada to discuss my account. What's the

- Raven Verena

Hello, Power Corporation of Canada customer support? I am

- Allene Florrie

Power Corporation of Canada (TSX:POW) is an energy-based integrated investment management and services company that invests in financial services, natural resources, infrastructure and other businesses. Our Toronto-based company is dynamic with approximately 1,500 employees working across Canada and internationally. We represent the Power Financial Corporation group of companies (TSX:PWF)(NYSE:PWJ) - one of the leading diversified financial groups in the world - which serves millions of Canadians as a leading provider of wealth management, securities brokerage, asset & wealth advisory services, insurance, and international banking. “I am calling Power Corporation

- Aretha Anestassia

Hi, my name is John Smith and I’m calling about Power Corporation of Canada Credit card account number. The reason for my call is that the last few payments have been much higher than what we agreed to.

- Marcie Shawn

Please deposit the attached money order or certified cheque amounting to $ 290.55 Cdn for the above-noted item(s). Then ship them immediately by courier. Afterward, I am going to e-mail you a confirmation of my order, and then you can ship my purchase right away. Just know that upon receipt of these items, I will cancel the money order(s) as instructed in your previous email.

- Liuka Thia

I want to reach Power Corporation of Canada support to assist with elearning. I want to learn more about: * Debt Obligations * Legal Standards for Ethical Business Conduct * BCA (Banking Consolidation Act) Residential Mortgages * Mortgage Loan Insurance « PowerBank » - Bank Assurance * Credit Card Protection Plan

- Rahal Netti

I want to reach Power Corporation of Canada support. I want to talk to a human being - not a machine. Hey, I'm not trying to be rude – this is what I really want.

- Elvina Vinnie

Power Corporation of Canada support is now available seven days a week on the 24/7 support line at 1-800-663-6362.

- Viviana Robbi

CASL helps you reach Power Corporation of Canada. We ensure that your complaint is resolved fairly, thoroughly and quickly. You can also use our online tools to find the answer to your most common questions.

- Ag Harley

We understand that helping you is what keeps us on the cutting edge that’s why we have email support. You can also access our self-help support center, download operating guides and manuals, and contact us live via online chat whenever you need our support. When you call us, a Support Rep will be able to assist and give you the answers you need in a timely fashion. We may take your call any time of the day or night because we understand how important it is to our clients that they speak to a real person whenever they call for assistance. So for all Power Corporation of Canada customers, we’

- Renell Shawna

If you're interested in a position at Power Corporation of Canada, please contact us. Details below allow you to connect with us quickly.

- Vanni Iormina

We are Power Corporation of Canada, a corporation that belongs to the world and serves Canadians. We have assets of about $80 billion under management by our subsidiaries, which include over 40 leading financial services companies operating in activities as diverse as property and casualty insurance, life insurance, fund management advice, credit cards and asset servicing. We have operations in Canada, the United States and Europe. When more than 1 million Canadian homes’ electric bills arrive with the Power name on them each month, it means we are creating value for all of our stakeholders: investors; employees; clients; and their communities.

- Madelina Kiley

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