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Westjet Airlines Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling Westjet Airlines

I am calling Westjet Airlines customer support to express my dissatisfaction with the service that you provided on my recent trip.

- Norri Olympe

I am calling Westjet Airlines customer support to complain about the very dense man that sat behind me on my flight to Calgary. I know you probably want personal details such as his initials, but I didn't catch his name. He is about 320lbs and wears lots of cologne

- Fania Malina

telephone Air Canada, Cathay Pacific, Emirates Airlines etc. to book a flight and hotel for my vacation in Mexico. I am calling the Westjet Airlines customer support to confirm a reservation on...

- Martynne Dotti

I am calling Westjet Airlines customer support. I have a complaint about the luggage you supplied me. When I lifted the bag up from the carousel to take it to the conveyor belt at customs, it broke. This is unacceptable service as I had only used the bag for 1 day and it broke completely, this delayed me until I could go out and buy another suitcase from a local store. Please advise if there is any compensation that will make up for your inferior product but more importantly your extremely bad service.

- Reba Rosetta

Call Westjet Airlines customer service and speak to a representative for a WestJet Vacations package quote for your trip. Use our chat feature to interact with a Member Care representative and resolve your travel inquiries.''

- Collete Sapphira

When you call from your home phone, be sure to note your flight number, or a record of your reservation. In any case, remember the following:

- Mina Donnie

I want to reach Westjet Airlines support to ask for damages.. I had back pain and need assistance on my medical conditions. But the team at gate 11 told me to wait till the boarding was finished. I thought they will help!

- Inna Valerye

I want to reach Westjet Airlines support to file a claim and I cannot find it online with the blue pages or with the phone number given on the Westjet airlines website.

- Charissa Irene