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Reasons other customers are calling Canadian Pacific Railway

I am calling Canadian Pacific Railway customer support to find out if I can bring my dog on a train from Toronto. The last time I was told yes as long as I could fit him into a carrier, and that the carrier had to have enough room for food and water. If I didn't have enough room in the carrier for the food I could take him with me in my lap.

- Bonita Abbie

I am calling Canadian Pacific Railway customer support to try and get my flight out on time. The gentleman on the other end of the line was very helpful and courteous, making sure that my call was answered right away and that I received the message that I needed. He even offered to stay late and get me a quicker answer to my question. Thanks CP!!!!!!!

- Dolores Addy

I am calling Canadian Pacific Railway customer support. I am calling Canadian Pacific Railway customer support to see if I can have my train tickets switched for tomorrow's. I'm trying to confirm my train tickets for tomorrow. I would like to change the date of my departure to Friday from Thursday. It's 10 p.m. right now. Okay, if it's not convenient, it's no problem. We'll do this another time and we'll be able to help you then.""

- Aloysia Joan

help me solve my recent nightmare rail transportation experience. I want you to know that I had a very bad experience with Canadian Pacific Railway (CP). When booking and paying for my first class rail ticket from Toronto to Calgary, I was given a receipt number from CP that they would email me once the payment had been processed, confirming my tickets. This would be the email that contains my train tickets. After waiting three weeks, I called CP to confirm that the payment had gone through and if still no tickets had arrived by email. It was at that time that they informed me that they have decided not to email train tickets and instead

- Iona Rona

Canadian Pacific Railway is Canada's only transcontinental carrier, connecting Canada and the world. Whether you're travelling across our vast country or going on an international adventure, we'll take you there. We offer a wide range of options for travel, including Canada's only transcontinental train service, a world-class highway coach service and the most extensive commuter rail network in the country.

- Lorenza Chantal

Contact CP customer support by dialing 1-888-842-7245. Or, if you are a

- Rosetta Jan

make a compensation claim for shipping my Ghibli Suv from Toronto to

- Gratiana Larina

The I want to reach Canadian Pacific Railway support is a telephone device that converts speech into digital signals and transmit the signals to another IP based telephone via the Internet protocol

- Benetta Claudina

I want to reach Canadian Pacific Railway support to have a car or plane ticket at a lower price due to my CP Rail employment.

- Agnesse Anastassia

I want to reach Canadian Pacific Railway support to notify them of an issue I am having with their GPS and location services. I also wish to report a problem I am having with my Garmin NUVI GPS system's ability to find locations, report locations based on my location where I currently am, and/or properly provide for the map updates.

- Timmie Inge

Metrolinx has a new app called GO that helps you reach local support teams, including Canadian Pacific Railway.

- Sydney Elianore

Solution: CPC has a new program that will allow us to communicate with them in the future. Canadian Pacific Railway is committed to an open dialogue with our customers and relationships based on trust and respect. This new program will give our customers the ability to reach out to them through multiple channels 24/7.

- Collen Rasla

Create a Canadian Pacific Railway account and manage your e-ticketing, consist management and access. Note: this item is non-refundable/​non-returnable. Proper documentation will be required at time of booking.

- Chelsae Dacie

We believe that our customers interests should come first. We are a team of hardworking and enthusiastic people who are proud to be part of Canada's largest railway delivering to Canadian, American and international customers.. CP provides an unrivaled network across North America enabling us to service the transportation needs of all our customers. We are committed to an on-time delivery performance and provide value through service, innovation and leadership. _​

- Dyana Leonanie

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