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Reasons other customers are calling DuPont

I am calling DuPont customer support to inquire about its new glassware collection, which will help reduce the amount of water that you need for your plants.-all while preserving the natural moisture in the soil.

- Ashlan Reine

I am calling DuPont customer support to find out about where and when you can reimburse customers for the cost of the paint for their vehicle. This paint was recommended by you and it has failed to stop rust from forming in the vehicle.

- Reeva Letta

"I am calling DuPont customer support to find out the smell is from the packaging: a chemical called hexane. : I want to thank you again for reaching out to us. I found the answer to my question, and it's an answer we agree with: it is normal", and then states emphatically "the honey smell will disappear very soon." Recently, another user had commented on the Weird-Smelling Honey Chemical That's in My New Suitcase, which notes that the smell is harmless:“… hexane is not a toxic chemical but it can be irritating to eyes and skin, since it evaporates

- Denni Lexine

I am calling DuPont customer support to ask about the shipping information for my order number 20R041830A. Order date: 12/7/17, Order Status: Shipped. Tracking Number: 13XXXXXXXXXXXX. My zip code is 60614, and I live in Chicago, Illinois (6-HIX-1721).

- Beryle Sharona

When you are struggling with a complicated product or procedure and not getting the help you need, aren't you at least as likely to look up the number for customer service as to search Yelp? I would think so. With this in mind, the ad takes advantage of their familiarity with I am calling DuPont and uses it to create a headline that will attract attention.

- Rora Agnola

I am calling DuPont customer support because they have the most reliable and innovative products available on the market. They create solutions to everyday life problems that range from cars to homes. One of DuPont`s many great products is Vespel braided lines used for submarines and aircraft carriers. The inner wires provide light weight strength while the outer layer is chemically fused to make them weather resistant and resistant to abrasions that would affect other wires such as aluminum, carbon fiber or steel wires. They are also very easy to repair which makes them a very cost effective solution in comparison with other types of material.

- Teddie Nannette

I am calling DuPont customer support at 1-800-859-3377 to report a problem with one of my kitchen faucets. I have had a constant drip from the hot water side of the faucet and after going through the trouble shooting process repeatedly it is still leaking.

- Bell Eleni

I want to reach DuPont support to find out how the company can service my herbicide tank equipment.

- Kirsti Guillema

I want to reach DuPont support to get this machine running. I just moved into a new home and the previous owners must have left without telling me they installed a new Dacor oven. I really need help getting it up and running again.

- Marylee Krystle

Have you ever wanted to interact with DuPont? All you have to do is ask Alexa and she will help you reach DuPont Supplies Management, LLC. The system interacts with Amazon Connect and DuPont’s phone system and can connect your call for you via a web browser in just seconds!

- Pammie Cyndi

• Easiest way to reach support is via Phone or Text 24/7 • DuPont support team is available Monday through Friday 9am-8pm Eastern Time. • Call or text us at 1-800-524-4762 or email us at with any questions, concerns, or requests.

- Channa Timothea

DuPont Support is an award-winning support organization committed to providing exceptional service and superior solutions designed to help customers achieve their goals.

- Yelena Fay

For faster response, DuPont support provides a way to submit your inquiry immediately. You can submit your inquiry by an e-mail supported by our DuPont agents. While our DuPont agents will pick up your inquiries in a timely manner, you should know that several hours can go by before you get an answer. You can also take advantage of webinars through the site or emails to learn about the latest chemical news and developments. The site also features excellent links to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

- Vallie Rivkah

DuPont Support: 1-800-441-7131

- Selinda Natka