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eBay Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling eBay

I just bought a product on eBay. I saw the screen went blank with no message. But I heard the seller said: "Hello" I am calling eBay customer support to help me. If you are a seller, you should pay attention to this: You can not tell people they have won your products when they bid on them, because the callers think they really win and immediately click "Buy It Now".

- Marla Petra

I am calling eBay customer support today to ask them to make it so that I can see my feedback on the bottom of my listing! Descriptive, detailed feedback is extremely important to me and my business. I do not want it to just be gone. Please do the right thing eBay, and bring back sellers' feedback. It belongs with us

- Carolynn Susann

I am calling eBay customer support. One of my customers is not satisfied with a product they purchased. Needless to say, it’s my problem too, especially when I have someone like you to talk me through the process. You were a huge help and I appreciate your time and patience.’’

- Mirabel Camila

Want to call eBay customer support but don't want to wait on hold in the call queue or pay for it to be routed to your mobile phone? Click this link: https://www.ebay.com/cs/PaymentInfo/BillingMethod_method=x-call-to-buyer&country.x=US&application.x=eBayScout&confirmation_mode.x=off&dialogID=contact_window_0#_Ya5vH7nsVk16ZbG2S4Dw

- Moina Giorgia

Upgrade your call to eBay customer support with this convenient headset, sure to make your conversation more enjoyable. With this noise-canceling Bluetooth headset, you can work and travel in comfort as you chat with staff members via the eBay Call Center. Now with an upgraded speaker system and sound clarity!

- Bertha Gennifer

eBay Customer Support has provided a means to track your eBay packages and view current and past orders. By entering the information found on the shipment receipt into the order tracking system, the status of your eBay orders can be easily monitored. Once you have tracked an order, you will receive future updates via email.

- Carol Sharity

I want to reach eBay support

- Lanni Nessa

I want to reach eBay support to get help with my issue. I have send email to customer service department but I still did not find answer of my problem , which had me having to call customer service. I was left frustrated because I did not get proper answers, and what was more frustrating was that when I called customer service. The lady who answered, used a incredibly nasty tone and spoke in a very hostile manner, especially when I stated the part of the conversation that should have been recorded but was not.

- Nalani Nonie

I want to reach eBay support.

- Indira Lanny

I am looking to see if I could reach eBay support through this moderator.

- Rodina Ealasaid

It's a big day for us . Today,we launched a new way to communicate with eBay, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world. You can now reach eBay at ebaysupport.com or by clicking Help on any eBay page. eBay supports millions of users all over the globe,and this expansion means more ways to connect with us whenever, wherever. We are excited and looking forward to providing even better service to you from ebaysupport.com!

- Karin Cherise

There are times when you want to contact eBay customer support directly. This happens quite often if your buyer is not responding to your email messages, or if a buyer who lives outside of the United States refuses to pay for the item, or when you feel dissatisfied by the resolution provided by an eBay moderator. There are several ways for you to do so, all free of charge.

- Kristien Fancy

You can access eBay support directly within the eBay application.

- Valene Genevra