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State Farm Insurance Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling State Farm Insurance

I am calling State Farm Insurance customer support to find out if my claim number is

- Giana Heddi

I am calling State Farm Insurance customer support to ask about my policy. I need to speak to a representative about my car insurance, so I have some questions so when we are finished we can figure out what my new policy needs. When I pick up my phone, I check the caller id and see that it is from: (XXX) 555-1212

- Brianna Chloe

I am calling State Farm Insurance customer support to discuss my policy. Can we please verify some of the information for my account? Thank you for holding.

- Ashlen Valli

I called State Farm Insurance customer support to inquire about much the insurance would cost on an older car that I was considering buying. The telephone representative was knowledgeable, friendly and eager to help, and answered all my questions.

- Corella Glynda

I started calling State Farm Insurance, and I was on hold for

- Betsy Rahal

Hi, my name is Brandon and I'm calling because I have a question about State Farm insurance.`

- Agnes Alika

After reading State Farm Customer Service Reviews for a few weeks, I need to make a claim. I have been calling the customer service number from my cell phone for about two hours now, and they continuously tell me there is no wait on hold at this time. Then they hang up. Its very disappointing that this is how people have to do business nowadays...

- Patricia Livvyy

This is what happens when I try to reach State Farm Insurance support online. The page requests my zip code and searches for me, and then wants my phone. But that doesn`t work either, because it wants a number beginning with the area code. What the hell? Oh, hold on…the automation isn`t past search for zip code yet, and now it`s searching for phone number. Whew!

- Aurelea Kare

If you want to reach help from State Farm Insurance, DIAL: 1888-766-1257. The only official number which provides 24 hour service for your insurance related queries.

- Thea Stafani

Contact the State Farm Insurance team at (800) 734-6377. The State Farm agent team provides insurance services and customer support for residents across the United States. A wide range of insurance products and services is available to help you protect your life, home, auto and business."

- Ebony Ronni

The State Farm® Mobile app let’s you speak live with a representative by instantly connecting you. Whether you need help finding local agent locations, filing a claim or paying your bill, or simply learning how to best protect yourself and your family with State Farm, we’re here.

- Clarisse Christen

Whatever stage of life you're at, we're there with you. State Farm's deep roots in our communities and our large network of agents and financial representatives allow us to help with almost anything, big or small. Whether you have questions about auto insurance, life insurance or just want to talk about your coverage, we have a team that can help make it easy.''

- Ynez Karoline

Farmers and farm families have been count on for generations. Whether it's a claim for hail damage, fence repair, or a substantial loss, being there is what 'being done right' means to you. The service you'll get from State Farm agents and employees will be as fair and honest as the Midwestern farming communities that we serve.

- Luce Philipa

To get the fastest and most efficient response from an Agent, contact us by phone. You can also find information on our website at In compliance with State Farm policy, State Farm Contractor Insurance Agency, Inc. is the only company that has access to policyholders’ personal information through this website.''

- Chrissy Lauri

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  2. After going through the company's phone menu system you can hang up and go on with your day.
  3. We keep the line open on our end waiting for a customer service rep to answer. We'll then call you back.