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Reasons other customers are calling Sempra Energy

I am calling Sempra Energy customer support to make a payment.

- Lexis Stephine

I am calling Sempra Energy customer support to.... I mean, I sit down and read the script that lists some random actions. There are many statements in the script about how great it is that I called Sempra Energy because now we know how to better serve our customers. Because we know what they need. Yeah, right. The system responds:

- Hildy Dorri

I am calling Sempra Energy customer support to, I am calling about my account ---- (service number). Please note that service has been provided promptly and the associated charges have been agreed to.

- Moreen Nomi

Hi. This is Michael and I am calling Sempra Energy customer support to ask how to set up my monthly bill payment plan. I’m interested in extending my credit past three months.

- Fernande Glori

I am calling Sempra Energy customer support. How can I assist you today?

- Audrye Sherrie

When was the last time you called your power company to say thank you? Did you know the Energy Trust of Oregon gives Sempra Energy customers more than $30 million in rebates every year for energy efficiency and renewable energy products and services? Thanks to the efforts of people like you, we've saved a lot of energy together. We appreciate your partnership, so thank you for taking the time to call us today.

- Danila Karry

The Sempra Energy Customer Support is the online community for energy from Sempra Energy. Here you can find answers to questions, get the latest news about advances in technology, and learn how to better use your energy resources. You'll also find information on topics ranging from renewable energy, to preparing for the next big storm, how to avoid scammers and more!

- Tabbi Aloisia

Sempra Energy business sites are supported by agents who have the expertise you need. We have a full, 24-hour contact center available to field inquiries and provide assistance on any issue that might arise. If you have a specific issue to be worked on, please consult our I want to reach Sempra Energy support page for contact numbers.

- Danell Cosetta

When you contact Sempra Energy, our representatives perform a profile to determine the most relevant support you need and they initiate a phone call from your home or business.

- Milzie Kikelia

Please call Sempra Energy Customer Care at

- Fedora Dacia

The electric company is no longer collecting emails and phone numbers. However, you can search for the status of your account or call to be connected with a customer service representative by going to and clicking on the Sempra Services button.

- Binnie Camilla

We appreciate your interest in a career at Sempra Energy. We are an industry-leading company with over 1,700 great people worldwide! Whether you're just starting or looking to grow over your career, we have opportunities for every level and specialty.

- Gabriel Jsandye

Sempra Energy is the parent company of Sempra U.S. Gas & Power, a Fortune 500 energy services provider that delivers natural gas and electricity to more than 3 million customers across 12 states, serving as a valued source for secure and reliable energy.

- Frannie Morena

The SDG&E web site guide allows customers to reach the appropriate support center by answering a few simple questions. For example, if you have solar panels on your home and have seen an increase in your bill, simply select that box as well as whether your question is about a smart meter or special circumstances such as low-income programs, and the system will recommend the right contact.

- Ailsun Dixie

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