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Reasons other customers are calling Consolidated Edison

I want to reach Citi Cards support to talk about getting Cheaper Gas.

- Anetta Lebbie

I want to reach Citi Cards support to add a geographic area of New Jersey to the address book of my credit card. _The contact number will be shown below._

- Maurita Melli

Need to call Citi Cards support to explain that I think you have made a mistake .

- Cindie Gilly

Great news! We have an answer to your question. Due to security issues, the account name and number cannot be displayed on your mailed or faxed statement. If you need to contact Citi Cards, please call 866-201-4260 or visit . Thank you for writing us, and have a great day!

- Darlene Natalina

It's a measly 1% that you will earn if you charge your Citi credit card, but it's added to your rewards bar and never expires. In addition to APR and annual fee costs that are often, much higher than this, Citi Card give you the gift of time with no interest charged on this credit for up to 45 days since the first day of purchase. So if you want to save on interest and gain time with that which you will earn in rewards, take advantage of Citi Card Rewards Customer Service number when shopping online or anywhere else.

- Wallis Salomi

Oddly enough my Citi Privileges Visa Card works fine with the Apple App whenever I want to use it but when I use the android app to open this customer email there is a blank field asking for Company Name and I am unable to type anything into it.

- Tatiana Rebecka

This isn't quite what I want. With the Citi Cards Enrollment – Automatic Payments, you can enroll in the automated payment service so that your payments are automatically deducted from your checking or savings account(s). At any time you can change or cancel your auto-payments, directly on the secure Citi Cards website.

- Beatrisa Gertrudis

I am calling Consolidated Edison customer support to have my services switched from another electric company. This call is being recorded at this time.

- Harrie Joey

I am calling Consolidated Edison customer support . I entered my account number and found that one of the charges on my bill was for two months of service.

- Constantina Lilllie

Our goal is to respond to Consolidated Edison (ConEd) customers with a world-class experience that will ensure a better outcome than calling our competitors. We will educate and empower you, and we will fix problems quickly. Our representatives are focused on your needs and getting you the answers you need—not changing the subject or just referencing our policies. We have accountability for results and love to find a win-win in every situation. ConEd customers deserve nothing less

- Halley Jilleen

secure the energy supply for my home and entire neighborhood. I want to ensure that my family and I are safe, comfortable, and have everything we need during this time of crisis.

- Kit Jodee

To be a truly great company, management has to see it that way, employees have to see that. You can't hire enough people in that respect. We make sure any new people fit into the way we do things and buy into it and stay with it.'' -- Harry Harrison (CED President, 19xx) Key Dialogues: 1. _________(XYZ (CED Customer)) calling today to PES: How may I help you? PES: May I have your account number please? XYZ: My Billing Account number is_____________ 2. CED: This is Consolidated

- Jami Sheelagh

A feature of the software allows users to enter their own voice tag information based upon their local service provider or utility -- not just the major national ones. A few simple clicks of the mouse on the front screen prompt you for specific information about how your service/utility provider is doing in delivering your utility services. You can also add comments about any areas that are better, worse, etc. You may add photos to help as well - it is completely up to you.

- Jade Noni

I want to reach Consolidated Edison support to report an outage? 1-800-75CONED (1-800-752-6633) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

- Peggie Karna

i like to reach Consolidated Edison support. I have a payment issue i need to resolve. I have been a customer for over 40 years and I want this resolved.

- Juli Stesha

You can now reach Consolidated Edison’s 24/7 customer support through Text-to-Speech (TTS). Simply type 917-900-1234 in any shortcode field or pick a  ConEd account from your phone's address book and compose your message. We recommend that each member of your home or small business team receive one of these numbers for quick response.

- Roseanne Helena

All Consolidated Edison employees and New York City local government workers have unlimited access to the services they need to do their jobs, wherever they are in NYC. From getting support on a work site in Brooklyn, to connecting with support after hours, we’ve got you covered.

- Libby Katleen

For over a century, Consolidated Edison has helped the Big Apple shine. Today, as one of the largest energy companies in North America, Con Ed is one of the most recognized brands across New York and New Jersey. Here's how to reach us to get help with your power: ____ Navigating MyConEd ____ Tracking an installment payment date ____ Switching service between units ____ Paying your bill ____________ Find My Account

- Sydelle Cordy

I’m unable to locate a direct number for ConEd Customer Support. Please send me an email or call me back at

- Delphine Germana

Consolidated Edison offers a wide variety of electric and natural gas services for residential, commercial and industrial customers in New York City and Westchester County. They serve more than 3 million customers who live within the service area.

- Gena Marie-jeanne

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