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Bristol-Myers Squibb Customer Service Phone Number

Don’t wait on hold, have Bristol-Myers Squibb Customer Service call you back with an agent on the line.


Bristol-Myers Squibb Customer Service
Skip waiting on hold and get help from a real person for the following issues.
Reasons other customers are calling Bristol-Myers Squibb

I am calling Bristol-Myers Squibb customer support to get some information. They should

- Tammy Viviyan

I am calling Bristol-Myers Squibb customer support to report that the refrigerated insulin is giving me a headache. I have taken a pill, and taken some acetaminophen, but so far I still am having a headache. My blood pressure is now normal. The only thing that changed was my using the refrigerated insulin instead of the regular one. Also I still have a headache, which is why I'll be taking two more acetaminophen pills and staying on hold until you people call me back.

- Daryl Honey

I am calling Bristol-Myers Squibb customer support to say thank you for putting the Robaxin patient assistance program on the back of your product. During the past three months, I had to endure painful nerve damage and muscle spasms from Lyme disease. At one point, I was having spasms every other hour. In addition to being a Registered Nurse, I am also a Breast Cancer survivor who is dependent on narcotic pain medication – both hydrocodone and an extended release morphine tablet called Morphabond.

- Gabbie Freddi

I am calling Bristol-Myers Squibb customer support to check on my order status. The Live Chat Representative spoke to me & let me know my order was delivered on Saturday and that the USB Flash Drive was damaged and being replaced. I had already notified my supervisor about the damaged USB Flash Drive. Thank you, Andrea

- Eilis Abbe

The fact that this agent could make a huge difference in my retirement plans was very exciting indeed. I called Bristol-Myers Squibb customer support. It went very well. This article is due to the decent call I had with their representative, who solved my problem and made me feel good about calling again next time there is an issue that needs to be handled over the phone.

- Jody Marjie

Speak to a Bristol-Myers Squibb customer service agent instantly. One-click call backs and call-forwarding help you reach the agent you want with a single touch of a button.

- Melody Tatiania

I am calling Bristol-Myers Squibb to try and get some information about this drug. I want to ask a few questions, but am getting transferred around a bunch.

- Ashlee Dallas

I want to reach Bristol-Myers Squibb support to report an adverse event (AE). The AE is a combination of serious negative reactions, unintended effects of the medicine, and/or problems with the use of the medicine. An AE can result in death, disability, medication errors, or an interruption in appropriate medical care

- Alli Elmira

I want to reach Bristol-Myers Squibb support, but the link you sent me takes me to a generic page that doesn’t have phone numbers listed. This is very inconvenient. Please help!

- Vivien Kelcie

A faster way to reach Bristol-Myers Squibb's support line.

- Candida Melicent

Our goal is to provide you with the correct phone number for Bristol-Myers Squibb. The Easy Reach Program is an easy way to make a connection when you need it most. We are here to help and would like to provide prompt service wherever possible. Thank you.

- Kirby Kessia

At Bristol-Myers Squibb, we care. Having a seamless experience getting connected to a solutions expert at our Drug Support Centers is important to us. Our goal is for you to have an outstanding customer experience every time.

- Nonna Gabrila

Bristol-Myers Squibb has improved customer support by being readily available to everyone, anytime and anywhere. We offer a wide variety of ways to contact us with the help you need, including an online portal disability 2go that provides immediate access to important information and resources for consumers with disabilities. Whether it’s submitting a question via email, or visiting the site for expert medical information, we provide quality service that is efficient, accurate and reliable. With disability2go, we provide instant access to important information and resources at your fingertips. This free service is designed to allow you to seek awareness on

- Ertha Stacie

Get support for your Bristol-Myers Squibb product, access downloads, and locate resources such as contact information, FAQs, and support centers. Bristol-Myers Squibb offers a wide variety of prescription drugs for many different conditions. Visit our Lifestyle Medicine page with products that may be right for you.

- Viviana Gillan