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Molina Healthcare Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling Molina Healthcare

I am calling Molina Healthcare customer support to let you know that I was able to resolve my issue with the help of customer service representative

- Marieann Bernete

Hi I am calling Molina Healthcare customer support to resolve a billing issue. My supervisor is a patient who does not visit the clinic often and doesn’t know the company name. I would like to get his full name, date of birth as well as account number and create an access code for him “xxxx” so that we can discuss his case. “ Well, let me check and see if this account was opened under the name of”

- Margaux Charil

Hi, I am calling Molina Healthcare customer support because I had a claim denied and I want to contest the denial.

- Blanch Peg

I want to call Molina Healthcare customer support.

- Poppy Mirabel

If you want to reach Molina Healthcare customer support, please press 1

- Jinny Lacy

When you need to contact Molina Healthcare, you can use the keypad on the touch screen display or choose from one of eleven languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, Italian and Russian. Choose your language and then press F1 for one-touch telephone access. Place your phone on hold temporarily while you take a break from talking or search for information from the screen. The built-in call timer will keep track of your total talk time and seconds for billing purposes. *UPDATE - This is NOT a land line phone system – it is a VOIP phone system "

- Darrelle Harley

To access the customer support line for Molina Healthcare insurance, call 1-888-298-2672 with your group number and Member ID.

- Crystal Sileas

Reach Molina Healthcare support.

- Gavrielle Coraline

We know your time is valuable. You can reach Molina Healthcare support using our online form to steer you through a short series of questions that will help our team of experts answer your questions 24/7.�

- Wallis Gael

Reach Molina Healthcare support by phone, email, online chat, or on Facebook. Molina is an experienced provider of Medicare Managed Care and a leader in Medicare Advantage health plans. Learn more about our offices across California, and the ways we provide services in multiple languages. Please call us at (855) 476-6572 anytime you have question about your plan.

- Cassandre Geralda

Call 1.855.289.1185 to reach Molina Healthcare support for help with signing up, managing coverage or billing questions..

- Patrizia Jodee

Requesting help from the Support Center to speak with our Molina Healthcare Customer service team is easy. You can either create a request online or by calling your local support center.

- Juditha Ofella

All you need to do is subscribe to Molina Healthcare`s services and watch your health improve. Get the premium customer care support from us when you call at (888) 857-4001. Dial this toll-free number for any query related to Molina Healthcare’s services.

- Garnet Adora

Call the Molina Health Care helpline now to reach

- Marsha Tessi

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