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Reasons other customers are calling Netflix

I am calling Netflix customer support to solve my issue. I am going for an upgrade on my account so I can stream on multiple devices at the same time using different Netflix accounts.

- Papagena Randi

I am calling customer support because Netflix’s service is tied to my brand loyalty, and I do not want to lose that.” I feel like there are other issues that I need resolution on besides the DVD return issue that I called about—Payment, TV quality, available content on demand, the cost of service is too high compared to a cable package. The other issues are why I will not consider changing my service provider to another one.

- Teresina Mala

Hi, I am calling from Netflix to make you aware of an error that one of our

- Judi Flory

The best call quality in the business means __________ (Feature) Bring more smiles to your face. These are just two things you’ll get with the new better way to call Netflix, ___.

- Rochelle Cecelia

I call my ISP every time they spend the evening throttling Netflix traffic. I get a few bars of 4G and I note my ping times, which tend to be between 75-125ms at any given time. I report these numbers to Netflix and every time I call I am assured that 'yes the problem (packet loss) is getting worse.' """

- Jeanette Ardyth

..find solutions to common problems with your Netflix account. To contact customer support click below.''

- Jacqui Shirlene

The Netflix helpline is ready to assist you. Press 1 on your phone to get a representative now.

- Zelda Lezlie

Contact us at 866-716-0414 or support. . We are here to help. Please have your membership number ready.

- Lucita Carmelina

We want our customers to get the most out of Netflix. We will be upgrading our UI through this email campaign. We have worked with EMC and bought their products to create a better system. So that the user experience is easier than ever. Please enjoy these upgrades: 1. Faster typing through new autocomplete 2. Keyword suggestions while typing 3. Faster video playback via autoplay--please let us know if you have any issues 4. A much faster browsing experience through the site 5. Better network performance when opening videos, images, etc 6. Eliminating everything you love about Netflix right now

- Reena Haley

Call Netflix to cancel your account or adjust your membership plan. You can also chat with a customer service representative if you need assistance.

- Peggie Daile

We're excited to introduce the Netflix app on Samsung Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, and home theatre systems.

- May Marissa

The New and Improved Netflix Icon. I was quite shocked to see the new icon for my favorite and most frequently used program on my computer. When I first opened it up, I was baffled by the drastic changes...After doing some research, I found out that they have done away with the starburst image to promote a cleaner cut look, and put in place something far less noticeable while maintaining the company's overall brand appeal. I think it is a shame because I liked how that little gem stuck out on my desktop just like Netflix has always been in the background of our lives. It is definitely an icon that has come down

- Galina Joellen

Dear Netflix Customer, I'm contacting you to talk about an issue that has been raised by your recent Netflix customer service visit. In order for us to help you, it is necessary for us to fully understand the issue you are experiencing. Please review the issue description, examples and corrective actions provided below. This information will help us better assist you in resolving this issue.

- Drusilla Glenda

The Netflix mobile site on your device isn't designed specifically for a tablet or smartphone: we optimize for Web browsers rather than mobile apps. Unfortunately, the mobile site is unable to natively support the “placeholder” and video delivery functionality needed to present TV content in a vertical format. Please visit from your computer if you would like to send us feedback about this feature or visit our streaming help center at Help Center

- Lil Lucretia