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Reasons other customers are calling General Mills

I am calling General Mills customer support to resolve an issue I have with my purchase. Would you like to continue?

- Eyde Rubi

I am calling General Mills customer support to ask about my favorite food. Products of General Mills, Inc. called Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs and Lucky Charms will be discontinued in the United States in July of 2018 according to this video at I am calling to ask what i can do to get these foods back on the market for me to buy and eat.

- Ferdinande Valera

I am calling General Mills customer support, and I will ask to speak with a supervisor should my call not be addressed in a timely manner. I have an issue regarding the cereal _____, and my concern is that although I have followed the purchase by use instructions, it has become stale and clumpy. I urge that you provide me with a refund for this box of cereal. In today's world it is unfortunate that customer service calls are not answered by representatives who do their best to resolve an issue. Often times we must hold on for what feels like forever before our call is answered. As you may know, it can

- Sella Marni

My daughter is allergic to the peanut butter flavoring in Kix cereal, and I called General Mills customer support to find out if they could make a new formula that would reduce the amount of peanut butter flavoring in the cereal. After explaining my daughter’s allergy, the representative told me that he was going to send me a complimentary package of new Kix cereal for my daughter to try.

- Mireille Livvyy

Chris, thank you for calling General Mills; if this is regarding a product and we can help you with that, please press one. If you need the CEO please press zero, or if you're calling about a delivery to a friend please direct them to 1-888-823-5546 It's my job to assist every customer that calls here at General Mills; I want to make sure I have the right information to give the right assistance. Press one if you purchased a product in store, press two if you purchased online, and three if you ordered it from a catalog or magazine...and was it in the

- Taffy Alex

Forget the hassles of traditional customer support. The General Mills contact center combines the convenience of a toll free number with the responsiveness and availability of live chat service, giving you a “virtual” person to talk to 24/7.

- Lonna Vitoria

General Mills International. Our support professionals provide support in your

- Garnette Juliana

I want to reach General Mills support to ask a question. This is the right place to contact them.

- Nerissa Katinka

I want to reach General Mills support to report an issue with Honey Nut Cheerios cereal. I was unaware that the product contained trace amounts of nuts, as I am allergic to tree nuts. When I ate breakfast this morning, I began with a serving of Honey Nut Cheerios and began experiencing stomach pains shortly afterward. After several hours, the severity of my reaction is apparent and it doesn't appear that it will relieve itself any time soon.

- Brana Maryanna

Looking for a convenient number to contact General Mills with food safety questions? Call

- Dinah Chantal

First of all, thanks a lot for the products that you offer. We use them every day and it is very frustrating to go to the website in order to reach support! I want to reach support but I don't see how! PLEASE HELP ME find a way to reach support as soon as possible.

- Terri Evy

Hello, This is Jane White. Please connect me to the General Mills complaint line.

- Binnie Kalie

Here at General Mills, we care about our customers, and value their opinions. We are always looking for feedback from people like you to help us make our products better.

- Iona Daloris

Press "1" to reach us right now.

- Adah Alexandra