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Canadian Natural Resources Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling Canadian Natural Resources

I am calling Canadian Natural Resources customer support to find out how much natural gas is currently coming into Henry Hub in Louisiana from Canada.”

- Gwyn Fanya

I am calling Canadian Natural Resources customer support to find out about dividend dates.

- Margret Lyndell

I am calling Canadian Natural Resources customer support to find out whether or not an order was placed for 100 barrels of Western Canadian Select at a differential of $7.50 per barrel, as I placed an order for 100 barrels on September 26. If such an order was placed, I want to know what the contract number is, who the counterparty is and where the transaction was to take place?”

- Costanza Reggi

I am calling Canadian Natural Resources customer support about a payment.

- Meaghan Lian

Don't spend hours on hold. Canadian Natural Resources has made it easy to get in touch with us with MyCNRL, our digital self-service portal. This service allows you to quickly and efficiently speak to an agent and schedule appointments, register a complaint, or look up product information. Plus, you will save trees by helping us reduce our paper use.

- Chad Joann

I am calling customer support to see if I can get any discount on my monthly gas bill. I know the company is doing a lot of mergers and acquisitions, so I am hopeful that at least one of its products/services will be discontinued in the next few months. I ask to speak to customer service rep, who says she can do nothing for me. I ask her for a supervisor, and he says he cannot help me either; no amount of negotiation approach he tries seems to work.

- Melamie Helyn

I am not calling in regards to my account. I am calling about...

- Thomasine Tressa

I want to reach Canadian Natural Resources support to

- Dianemarie Heddie

I'm trying to contact someone at Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. for details about the mineral rights on my Sister's property, 8707 - 88th Street, Red Earth (RM of Shellbrook). I assume that CNR owns the mineral rights for all property in the RM of Shellbrook so I need to contact them at their Calgary Office. Unfortunately I can't find their CNR address online anywhere and there are no properties that have their phone number attached to a house, so how am I supposed to call them to get any answers? Her property is

- Cynthy Karlotta

If you need to contact Canadian Natural Resources Limited support, here’s a list of toll-free numbers and email addresses. You may also contact Canadian Natural Resources Limited by mail at 300-518 Scurfield Boulevard NE Calgary Alberta Canada T2H 2M3, by phone at _______or by fax at _______.

- Amara Bobbe

The official app of Canadian Natural Resources Limited. Hear about the company's ongoing response to the oil sands leak and use the app to register for a chance to win great prizes.

- Loretta Dianemarie

To add to the previously reported three seep sites, there is a fourth. Canadian Natural Resources has permitted two additional seeps and crude oil flow out onto the riverbank near their pipelines at both sites on Red Earth Creek. Three of these are within the Medicine Chest-Red Earth Creek Area of Concern (AOC) on the Red Deer River downstream of Fort McMurray. The fourth is in the Wabiskaw AOC (a tributary to Manning River) near its confluence with Red Earth Creek.

- Reba Anett

If you need to contact the Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) for help with a question or concern, use this form. Please note that any comments or suggestions for improvement will be forwarded on to NRCan.

- Jyoti Milicent

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