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I am calling Frontier Communications customer support to...

- Sisile Annabelle

I am calling Frontier Communications customer support to pay a bill, check my balance, or learn about and report an outage. I can pay my bill in many convenient ways: online, at any authorized payment location, by calling our 24-hour customer service center, or with value added services such as paperless billing.

- Martelle Thomasina

I am calling Frontier Communications customer support to and I have been on hold for more than 20 minutes. I am currently listening to the hold music, which is: Sillyfied version of "Makin' Whoopee". Which by the way, when a 7 year old girl starts singing it, it's not so silly anymore. It's so ridiculous and irritating that you wish you were deaf. Why they would put such a little child on hold music is beyond me.

- Justinn Karoline

I am calling Frontier Communications to set up a new service for my household and I want to ensure that the installation goes smoothly. I need someone on my side to help make sure the installers take care of everything. I would like you to escalate this call at any point if we have any problems."

- Gabbey Minette

respond your concern. You are calling the number one rated customer support in the United States. Only the very best agents are hand-picked to work here. Let me give you a brief introduction about Frontier Communications and what kind of services we offer.

- Lolly Alysa

If you have a question, we probably have you covered. Our team of certified professionals are ready to help you with any call - no matter how difficult or complicated. We are the official Frontier Communications phone number.

- Imelda Becka

Frontier Communications is the fourth largest provider of

- Regine Kathie