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Reasons other customers are calling DTE Energy

I am calling DTE Energy customer support to report a power outage at 123 Main Street, Detroit.''

- Brittan Margi

I am calling DTE Energy customer support to discuss an account balance I have questions about. I am a current residential customer (my account number is 95734-4309-20487-3748). * Press 0 from the main menu when you hear an 'alright' tone. * Press 0 again to speak to a Customer Service Representative.

- Cherilynn Megan

I am calling DTE Energy customer support to report

- Courtney Magda

I am calling DTE Energy customer support to to ask about the recent electric bill hike. Although I think my bill costs went up by $11 last month, I need more information so that I can make the most informed decision for my family and myself.

- Sheena Melony

I am calling DTE Energy customer support to discuss my account. During the call I will provide the representative with details regarding my account, answer all questions to the best of my ability and note any concerns or issues.

- Barbette Kellie

Hey, it's me again. I am calling DTE Energy customer support to try and turn my power back on. The lights are flickering in my apartment and it is freaking me out. I don't need help, I just want some peace of mind.

- Yasmeen Moina

I am calling DTE Energy Customer Support to inquire about my 998 last month's bill... the customer service telephone number is 800-477-4747 x 3734. Please deposit a check for $0 in my account by 8/22/15, thanks! `

- Elwira Oliy

I want to reach DTE Energy support to report a power outage. The quick way is to locate the 2-1-1 information in the back pages of your telephone directory. Or, if you have a cellular phone, just dial 4-1-1.

- Thelma Elora

I want to reach Energy Support. Please enter your 10 digit DTE Energy account number, and your 4 digit zip code.

- Liv Gwenny

You’ve just taken steps toward the path to a brighter home future with us. Want to connect with a DTE Energy representative? Simply type in your zip code and we’ll connect you. “I need to speak to an account executive about my account”

- Daisey Hallie

Contact DTE Energy support by phone or live chat. We’ll get you to the right team quickly and give you fast answers, feedback and a clear path forward.

- Norrie Barbaraanne

DTE Energy has the tools and expertise to help you manage your electricity costs and energy use. Whether you would like to enroll into our Budget Billing program or sign up for Advanced Meter Technology, we have the right solutions for you. To get started, please select one of the options below. DTE Energy Online (detroitenergyonline.com) is a site dedicated to how we deliver power safely, reliably and cleanly to homes and businesses throughout Michigan. You can manage your account from 24/7 using any device with Internet access, including your phone or tablet.

- Adara Denys

DTE Energy is a family of electricity providers serving 3.2 million customers across five states. We offer a wide selection of products and services to help our customers save energy, money and the environment--so you can feel good about where you get your power. DTE Energy has developed an Advanced Metering System (AMS) that provides real-time data on home energy usage. AMS means better customer service, optimal energy efficiency, reduced prices, satisfied employees—in short it means happy, informed residents in a smart community.

- Milena Barbabra

DTE Energy Services is DTE Energy’s customer-focused, full-service provider of industrial and commercial energy services and power solutions. We compete on the basis of service, cost, reliability and value — helping customers to achieve their business goals by providing innovative solutions for efficient energy use.

- Nerte Isabel

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