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American Express Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling American Express

I am calling American Express customer support to change my delivery address for my credit card. If you know the American Express number, please enter it now. Otherwise, press 1 to initiate this request.

- Albertina Isis

Call American Express customer support to report my stolen credit card, I will need information on the card including the last 4 digits of my account number and the expiration date. After I get off the phone I will call the police and file a report outlining what happened.'' 'This product description displays both what people want in a kitchen knife set and how it fits their needs. The description points out attributes that include quality in features and quality in design.'

- Helenka Eolande

Call the Amex number and request American Express to load $1000 (2000 points) onto my Bluebird Account immediately.

- Ange Lonna

When you call American Express, you have access to the Customer Support team for U.S. and Puerto Rico card members. Available 24 hours a day, these experts are here to help you with almost anything - from replacing a lost or stolen Card to applying for a credit line increase or reporting a claim on an eligible Amex product.

- Robinette Marj

Update my Amex or call into customer service. I am accessing the call center.

- Verina Carleen

Let us help you with your trip. Call AmEx Rewards 1-800-297-5948 for _________________________________________________ (your name)’s Advocat

- Lari Janeczka

I want to reach American Express support to ask for help with my qualifying rewards and services. Use the

- Heloise Ynes

I want to reach American Express support to make a phone call. I would like to call them on the phone with a phone service in my country that has a good network.

- Nat Ingaborg

Hey, I want to reach American Express support. `I`t would be great if they could reply in a few hours, but I expect them to reply in a few days and I can wait that long. When someone tells me that `they` will take care of it soon, I think that it might get done in a week. It`s not easy to work with a system like that, so I don`t do it often.

- Rebecca Sarena

Open your door to a better service experience. Whether you’re calling, chatting, or using the mobile app, it’s easy to get in touch with American Express.

- Addy Julia

It's 10 a.m. and you're already on hold with American Express Customer Service, 1-800-537-6111. A representative will be with you shortly. You hear this message repeatedly as you wait through droning elevator music for nearly an hour. Finally, your call is answered by a representative in the Philippines. This scenario has occurred time and time again to many consumers who have had an issue resolved twice as fast (or faster) when calling back again or walking into a support center.

- Georgia Linell

An American Express card is much more than a piece of plastic. It’s designed to fit your life, with reliable service and real benefits that make every purchase easier. With online card management tools and a live phone connection, you can talk to an American Express representative 24/7 right from your computer or mobile device. Your support team will help with everything from reporting a lost or stolen card to preventing fraud.

- Meghan Lexie

American Express gives you 24/7 global assistance and access to the world’s largest travel network, no matter where you’re headed. The lightweight traveler’s footprint is a perfect fit for your style, with features like luxury fabrics, luggage strap buckles, and hidden compression straps that keep clothes in place.

- Mignonne Ddene