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Avis Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling Avis

I am calling Avis customer support to get more miles. I called them last month and they didn't do anything. I wonder what the hold time is right now?

- Helyn Nat

I am calling Avis customer support to follow up on the refund.

- Eyde Brenna

I am calling Avis customer support to dispute the charge on my credit card for this car rental. There is a large scratch on the left side of the car and two dings, one in the door and one in the back bumper. My friend had booked this rental through her company, so she has already paid for it and doesn’t want to file a claim with her insurance. If you could call me as soon as possible at 555-555-5555 extension 1234, that would be great.

- Dollie Julita

I am calling Avis customer support to arrange for the return of my broken rental car. Expecting a nightmare, I had read up on the customer service protocol beforehand and was pleasantly surprised!

- Marni Vivienne

I'm calling Avis customer support to complain about an incident that happened yesterday afternoon. I know my rights, and I will be speaking to someone senior; this isn't up for discussion. I don't mean to be rude, but I'd rather not have to repeat myself multiple times. The call begins * . Customer: Hi there, thanks for taking my call. I understand this is for a complaint rather than a reservation.Okay...(*explains the situation*) Avis: Okay, well, as you know we can't do anything about the airline's on-time performance; all we're responsible for is the

- Octavia Addie

Call Avis customer support to book a reservation, make a change or cancel an existing reservation. This service is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, from anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.''

- Maribelle Blondelle

Advantage Rent A Car changed its name in 2013 to Avis Budget Group. As a participant of Avis Preferred Discount I called customer support and referred to myself as a Advantage Discount Customer.

- Pier Silvie

I want to reach Avis support to change my reservation.

- Marina Andra

Reach an Avis support agent faster by saying "I want to reach Avis support" into the Sony Xperia or Samsung Galaxy device you carry with you every

- Tyne Merrily

We try to respond to all customer requests within 24 hours, but due to the high volume of customer support requests we receive, we are unable to respond to all calls immediately. Please continue to hold for Avis car rental support. We will be with you shortly. Thank you for your patience and continued interest in Avis *

- Bunnie Jannelle

Open your door to the world of getting on the road with Avis. Connect with Avis to get great deals and save time; get directions, flight details, and car availability; or contact us with questions via text message. Welcome to the Avis mobile experience.

- Louisette Sybila

Get your reservation in order quickly and easily with Avis Car Rental Reservation. Our app is easy to use - even for your first time - & provides a seamless interactive experience. Avis Car Rental Reservation is designed to be as intuitive as possible by leveraging the most natural touch gestures. You will marvel at how much easier it is to enter your personal information and navigate from one step to another! We believe that maintaining our work environment is essential for your well-being, peace of mind and promotes the correct functioning of our software products.

- Nanni Tallia

We are delighted to be partnering with Avis to offer our members premier service, the latest car rental technology and exclusive hotel deals.

- Alina Biddie

Open your door to the world of business travel with the Avis® Car Rental App. Whether you're looking for a car to get around town or renting a vehicle for an extended business trip, we have what you need. 24/7 support is available at 1-800-230-4898 where you can make a reservation or get answers to frequently asked questions. Welcome to the Avis family.

- Onida Meryl