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Humana Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling Humana

I want to reach HP support to help solve my issue.

- Cathe Adele

The HP Support Assistant helps make it easy to get connected to the right support for your device.

- Jana Evania

HP Support Center software provides a secure, reliable way to connect to HP support. Simply go to to seamlessly access HP support and track your service request when you need help initializing, registering, or troubleshooting your PC, or if you need assistance with an HP printer or accessory like a digital camera.

- Rozanne Madalyn

HP Support Assistant is an application you may choose to install that allows for quick, convenient access to support information.

- Carroll Alena

HP Support and Purchasing’s goal is to provide our customers with an outstanding support experience through the use of innovative technology. With the new self-service support portal, you can get the information you need, or submit a request, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using this portal, you can view frequently asked questions and search for solutions.

- Hannah Mae

Whether you prefer to use your phone, the web, or call in to speak with an agent, HP’s support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s easy to find help whenever you need it. When you call (800) 932-5652, you can speak with an agent in under 1 minute – no matter when you call. (If we don’t pick up right away, please leave us a detailed message with your contact information and we will get back to you). To find answers on your own, please

- Dannye Gertrud

Contact us: Support for HP Desktop PCs

- Arabela Doti

I am calling Humana customer support to address a matter.

- Norry Audi

I am calling Humana customer support to find out if this test is covered by my policy.

- Arly Rosemary

I am calling Humana customer support to resolve some billing issues that I have.

- Micky Glennis

I am calling Humana customer support to resolve an error in my billing.

- Kacy Gerianna

I am calling Humana customer support to address a billing issue. I would like to talk with an agent about my most recent statement. . . . In part of this call, I will be playing or printing these recordings as examples during this conversation:

- Lorilyn Annalise

I am calling the Humana customer support line because I want to get more information about the Humana health insurance options available for kids and teens. When you dial

- Laetitia Gerty

I call this Humana customer support to tell them my experience with a billing problem. I want to express my disappointment with the service that I received from my doctor. I am trying to get the plan to approve a medical test. I don't know if I've been dropped by my provider or not.  I don't understand why there's a problem and you're telling me about a new one and it's very confusing. Nobody told me about any of this until last week, when the bill came, and then we're supposed to have it taken care of by November 1st, but now you can't tell

- Maire Gloria

I want to reach Humana support to file a claim of charging my card 3 times in error from my use of the HMO pharmacy website.

- Carmencita Faith

I want to reach Humana support to do a little more but I had absolutely no idea win. My brother and sister were the first two people who came to my mind. Just that thought made me panic. They come with us and get-togethers forming.

- Leonelle Abra

Get recognized and sent to Humana support by simply saying, "I want to reach Humana support," and the Google Assistant will start a live call with Humana.

- Lavena Kathryne

I want to reach [Menu] in American Express Card Services I want to reach my Wireless Call Center I want to know more about Humana Insurance Company I want to speak to a Collection Account Specialist.

- Cecily Daphene

The Humana Support app gives you direct access to your account anytime, anywhere, on any device. The Humana Support app also includes the ability to chat online with a Humana rep. Chat online with a Humana rep

- Johnette Meriel

Get in touch with Humana's customer service team by dialing the number below 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also connect conveniently through out online support portal at anytime.

- Caresse Gleda

Contact Humana Member Services to learn more about your plan and coverage options. To find a local provider, use our online provider directory.

- Carrie Wendye

How does this service work?
  1. When you press “Call Now” we'll call you immediately and connect you to the customer service number.
  2. After going through the company's phone menu system you can hang up and go on with your day.
  3. We keep the line open on our end waiting for a customer service rep to answer. We'll then call you back.