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Reasons other customers are calling Equity Residential

I am calling Equity Residential customer support to see if I can move out of my apartment. My post

- Shel Caitlin

I am calling Equity Residential customer support to lower my rent. They have raised my rent almost tages in the past years. My rent is way too high. I am calling from the comfort of a public library because I could not afford the trash… then my electricity bill got even higher.. Now, I can't afford ANYTHING - including eating and putting gas in my car!

- Georgina Row

I am calling Equity Residential customer support to request an adjustment in my rent effective _______________. The references are ______________________________ _____________________________________________ and __________________________

- Orly Reyna

I am calling Equity Residential customer support to let them know how well my recent application process went. The agent who helped me over the phone knew all of the details of my account, including my current rent and any late fees that I was previously charged. She answered all of my questions and took care of processing an unlimited move-out amendment agreement so that I can be reimbursed for any charges that might pop up between now and when my lease ends.

- Judi Cathe

I am calling Equity Residential customer support to find out why my bill went up again this month. I was told there's been a new charge for trash hauling. I was also promised a discount for signing up for paperless billing but never got it. I want answers to these problems immediately!

- Minetta Belvia

Please view the following infomercial to learn more about Equity Residential's services and offers.

- Amy Bibby

I have been trying for the last two and a half hours to get a call back from your customer support representative. It is Friday afternoon at 3:30 in the afternoon and I can’t seem to get a hold of anyone from customer support, so with this email I am requesting that someone calls me back.”

- Letty Kathryn

This I want to reach to Equity Residential support number provides you the way to get solution to all type of technical problems regarding this product. Morever, you will get right solution of your queries in less time period with our experts support team. For more Information Dial USA : 1-844-204-9442 or Contact us: http://www.iwaroundtheworldwide.com/contact-us/

- Bernice Quinta

Welcome to the Equity Residential support center.

- Rois Ingeberg

We value you as a customer. Thank you for your feedback regarding our latest changes to our Move Management program. Currently I am unable to leave a comment on your behalf; however, there are many different ways for you to contact us: I mplementing Mass and sectional searches enables new clients to get clear title to property they occupy and is an important means of addressing homelessness. Equity Residential has one of the largest tenant representation practices in the country. We do not counsel tenants who need advice relating to their tenancy.

- Dianemarie Myranda

Your home is your sanctuary. You want to feel secure there, and in the company who takes care of it for you. Let’s talk about your options. From in-home service providers to every day support needs, our expert team is standing by to help you with every step. Talk with an Equity Residential Care Specialist today at 877-926-9995.

- Stephine Willette

Help make your Equity Residential move easier. You can get answers to your questions, or resolve problems quickly and easily through our online Help Center – benefits from all the features you need to make your Equity Residential move effortless.

- Ree Tildi

For over a decade, Equity Residential has created value through expertly managing the development and management of our communities. Our close relationships with our residents and our property partners provide the foundation for exceptional customer service and a strong sense of community. We offer immediate access to a team of professionals who have the expertise to meet every need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

- Charline Genvieve

We will be happy to assist you with your request. Please call (800) 675-3126 or email us at equityres@equityresidential.com. When you call, please have the following information available: The street address of the property where the issue took place The condo, apartment or unit number Call back number

- Lyn Pauline

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