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Reasons other customers are calling Lowe's

I am calling Lowe's customer support to inquire about a replacement part for my tool.

- Karylin Cathrine

I am calling Lowe's customer support to find out how much I would save by installing a new gas cooktop with four burners in my kitchen.

- Sydelle Aila

I called Lowe's customer support to see if they sold lint traps for my washing machine. The operator connected me to the customer service department. The customer service representative told me that they dont' sell lint traps. She suggested I check on their web site. I was about to hang up, but then she asked what kind of washing machine I have, so I told her.

- Florella Chloette

All Lowe's stores have that one tool you need when you've run into an unexpected challenge, and I want to make sure I have that tool. I'm calling customer support to see which one it is."

- Micky Cloris

Find the right support for your project with Lowe's customer support. With 1300+ phone numbers across the country, we have pros to help you find the products and services you need for home improvement projects. Call Lowe's now.

- Becka Letti

Hi, my name is _______ calling to report an issue with Lowe's. Lowe's was supposed to help me pick out a washer and dryer as part of its "thank you for spending over $1000" promotion. Well, I could never get through on the phone, and their web site is down 90% of the time, so I could never use it. So I went to my local store, and they told me I could not get the deal because it has been almost 2 months since I spent over $1000. So one of my appliances broke, and instead of helping me fix them, Lowe's

- Meridith Nadean

I want to reach Lowe's support to make an order and, but I can't find the way and I need your help. I am really upset because this is unnecessary and I want to have my order quickly: I need a lawn mower as you see on the picture, it is important for me, please send me in the right direction.

- Kirsteni Lucilia

I want to reach Lowe's support to find out if a P10 variable speed control switch used by their grill repair guys can be replaced. I am not able to use the existing control switch because it is broken. It has something to do with the knob part of the switch spinning either left or right and switched on or off the gas flow. This is how I operate my grill when needed and it is more convenient since my grill sits rather high so that I can just stand up and adjust gas flow by turning the knob to either left or right. Now this operation is tricky for me since I cannot lift myself up while lying

- Mabel Lilly

Reach Lowe’s support in several ways: Call us at 1.888.991.4373 Chat with an expert at lowes.com/help Send an email to customer@lowes.com Find a local retailer near you by using our store locator

- Josee Gayle

Lowe’s Home Improvement Support is available at (888) 286-5544, Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to Midnight CST and on Saturday from 8 AM to 6 PM CST.

- Mabelle Beverlie

Learn what it takes to receive support from Lowe's. Contact Lowe's customer service to help you resolve issues regarding your recent purchase and more.

- Arabel Claudette

Lowe's and the IWF have partnered to promote positive change in communities globally through the Healthy Families Program, and Healthy Homes Play a Part, weight management and healthy lifestyle programs promoting better health and happier lives.

- Margaret Tonye

Let us help you make successful home improvements easier than ever. Lowe's support is just one click away on lowes.com or on the Lowe's Support app for smart phones and tablets. Download the Mobile App Today!

- Querida Brooks